Eight Dragons is an old-school side-scrolling beat-'em-up, inspired by games of the eighties and nineties but taking the gameplay to a whole new level! There's no cutscenes, just enough story to justify , no cutscenes, nothing to get in the way of the classic arcade-action as you wade through criminal gangs from one end of the city to the other to give the evil Mr Big a good kicking!


  • Extreme Multiplayer: Up to eight people can play co-operatively on one PC!
  • Simple Controls: There's one fire button, but you can combine it with your movement to batter everybody around you!
  • Multiple Weapons: Use sledgehammers, axes, pool cues and more to crush your enemies!
  • No Cutscenes: This game is from a more civilized age, where you didn't drop your controller to watch a movie halfway through the game. Either it happens in the game or it doesn't happen.
  • Variable Difficulties: You can adjust how tough your enemies are, and how fast the game runs.
  • Full Controller Support: If it's an input device, it'll work with this game!
  • Multiple paths through the game: Choose your characters to choose your story!

The Team

Yup we made this.

Nathan Cross

Lead Developer

Chris Hines

Lead Artist, Composer