EIGHT DRAGONS 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the most exciting brawler of all time, and this time it's redefining the genre! Up to eight players fight their way through a crime-ridden city in an open-world adventure, taking on the gangs that have overrun the city and crushed the spirit of its citizens. While the Dragons' main aim is to defeat crooked businessman and ruler of the underworld, KANE, along the way they'll be faced by his underbosses and their gangs, as well as discover quests from the fearful citizens that live in the city. Every success advances the strength, speed and skill of the Dragons, increasing their power as they fight against evil!


  • It's open-world. Go anywhere. Pick-up or break almost everything. Fight almost everyone!
  • Extreme Multiplayer: Up to eight people can play co-operatively on one machine!
  • Simple Controls: There's one fire button, but you can combine it with your movement to batter everybody around you!
  • Multiple Weapons: Use sledgehammers, axes, pool cues and more to crush your enemies!
  • No Cutscenes: This game is from a more civilized age, where you didn't drop your controller to watch a movie halfway through the game. Either it happens in the game or it doesn't happen.
  • Variable Difficulties: You can adjust how tough your enemies are, and how fast the game runs.
  • Full Controller Support: If it's an input device, it'll work with this game!
  • Multiple paths through the game: Choose your characters to choose your story!

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